Tax and ITR in Noida

Tax and ITR in Noida

Get the full advice of filing the and ITR in Noida

The ITR and TAX return one of India’s biggest problems for every Indian. Every India has to pay Tax and need to file ITR on time. The amount collected by the peoples is being sent back to peoples in the form of the building roads, commercial factories, industries, a much more. It’s a duty of every Indian to pay tax.

Which ITR form to fill –

Well, filling up the ITR is not an easy task as you don’t know the process or form filling procedure. Here at below is the complete list of the ITR forms which to fill and why –

  • ITR Form 1 or called Sahaj from the persons who have monthly income in the form salary or the Pension and own a property in India. He or she must have filled this form for filling the ITR.
  • ITR Form 2 is for the individuals who have a monthly salary and have more than one home then he or she must have to fill this form. The filing of Tax and ITR in Noida is done at very less price.
  • ITR Form 2 A is for the persons who own monthly income in the form of salary and owns a more than 1 house in India and also has any other source of income.
  • ITR Form 3 is for the personalities who own income in the form of Partnership Firms but don’t have any income from Proprietorship then he or she must have to file ITR Form 3.
  • ITR Form 4 is from the individuals who are professional and business, in simple terms this form is for the rich person. If you are rich then you must fill ITR Form 4.
  • ITR Form 4 S or called as the Surgam is for the individuals who have the income from any business which comes under the Section 44 AE or Section 44 AD as per the method of taxation.

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